TaxArbitr is a consulting company consisting of professional and experienced lawyers in the field of tax law and accounting. Practical experience of each specialist is over 10 years.

Narrow specialization of the TaxArbitr company allows us to focus all our knowledge, experience and efforts on a particular issue of a fiscal nature and achieve maximum results in this area that is relevant, positive feedback from our clients.

By working with any project, we correlate it with the adjacent branches of the law to provide clients a full range of legal servicing and detailed understanding of the practical application of results and benefit by the client.

Feedback from our clients speak well in favor of partnership with TaxArbitr consulting company, confirming our reputation as a reliable and professional consultant.

In our practice, the cases are not divided to “essential” and “non-essential”. We treat carefully for any assigned work weighing the various effects of our assistance and help to correctly determine Client’s further legal behavior. The general principle of our work is to provide quality service for which we are ready to bear the full responsibility not only by our business reputation in the market of legal services, but also bearing the financial responsibility.

Tax practice since 2000.


    The Supreme Court, in its ruling of March 27, 2017, N 305-ES16-18717, expressed the legal position that for the introduction of a bankruptcy procedure,

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