Сompanies Liquidation

Legal services market offers different ways of company liquidation: official liquidation, reorganization (merger, joining) with another organization, change of members and directors of the company.

Reorganization of the company, as a way of liquidation, is rather dangerous due to its consequences: as the company does not actually terminate its activities, in the future you may be presented with claims by the tax and investigation authorities. As a result, you will become a defendant in a criminal case under Art. 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Additionally, we note that the tax authorities are struggling with such events and therefore this kind of reorganization is considered to be an independent crime under Art. 173.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

This method of liquidation, as a change of members and directors of the company, does not protect former members and directors from liability and consequences that have arisen during the period of their activity in the company. The members are at high risk to be held under Art. 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for the period of their activity in the company. At the same time, we inform that such actions are also considered as an independent crime under Art. 173.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

The official liquidation of the company constitutes a significant risk that the field tax audit will be carried out in relation to the company. According to the statistics in respect of the company announced of the official liquidation and having a turnover of more than 90,000,000 in the past three years, a field tax audit should be held. This situation involves a significant risk of increased costs.

In order to liquidate the company without any inspections by tax authorities, we use the procedure of liquidation by the bankruptcy of a debtor in liquidation. At the same time, by interacting with us, the risk of appointment of field tax audit is excluded, therefore, the liquidation of the company will pass without inspection. However, we would like to emphasize that this procedure shall be applied only under the condition that the only one goal is to officially close the legal entity without a field tax audit, but there should be no “unfriendly creditors.” If you have “unfriendly creditors”, then our cooperation shall be carried out in a different manner to that described for the Debtor, in the “Bankruptcy” section.

We always determine the fixed cost before the start of the company liquidation procedure. The scope of work includes all actions aimed at the liquidation of the company. This means that there will not be a situation in which the value of our work will be increased. The term of liquidation of the company is about 4-5 months, which is described in “Practice” section.


    The Supreme Court, in its ruling of March 27, 2017, N 305-ES16-18717, expressed the legal position that for the introduction of a bankruptcy procedure,

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