Tax consulting

Tax consulting

Tax consulting is made in two forms:

  1. Consulting support.
  2. Tax planning.

Consulting support (advice on taxes) includes preparation of written opinions to the posed questions of tax subjects. The implementation of this service is usually performed on a contractual basis in a form of subscriber service, but can be carried out as a single service.

Tax planning services consist in the formation of the company activities process so that its result would led to reduction of tax obligations of the client with respect to the current situation. Development of tax planning instruments is always carried out individually under the client’s business and is not of mass nature of the application. At the same time, we do not make tax planning with the use of questionable and illegal instruments.

We have tried to summarize the essence of the service in ”Tax consulting”. Our consulting activities often guarded our clients from possible claims of tax authorities.

Tax audit

Tax audit services are intended to solve two major problems:

  • identification of risky client operations, as well as mistakes made in determination of tax liabilities, which may lead to the additional charge of any tax payments. In this regard, you can avoid adverse consequences in the form of additional taxation, fines and penalties already on the pre-audit stage, by adjusting the tax reporting.
  • identification of tax reserves of the company, arising in the course of economic activity. It is interesting because you can get an additional benefit in the form of identification of overpaid taxes and, accordingly, decide to offset against future payments or return overpaid tax to the current account, which will lead to the preservation and increase of the money supply in the company.

Tax audit in its value is up to 5% of the amount of identified arrears or overpaid tax. When we conduct tax audit of organization, as a rule, we find mistakes made by the accounting service, which entail the occurrence of both arrears and overpayment of tax. Timely identified arrear, until the appointment of inspection activities by tax authority, involves exemption from penalty tax. Identified overpaid tax involves preservation of the company’s cash.

Tax disputes

Tax disputes, as a service, are aimed at your protection of fulfilled tax claims held by tax authorities. Settlement of tax disputes involves our participation both during tax audits (which is very effective), and the objection stage and subsequently, at the appeal of tax authorities acts in administrative and judicial proceedings.

I would like to emphasize that we always initially assess the prospects of a dispute. Pre-trial settlement of tax disputes would be the best option. If we conclude that the result will not be satisfactory, we will inform about it at the initial stage.

Our reward for tax disputes settlement equals to 10% of the amount in dispute, without establishment of a fixed part and, accordingly, we will objectively react to an assessment of the prospects of such a dispute.

Any company business activities involves relations with tax authorities and, as practice shows, they not always can be called pleasant. If you have any questions regarding the legality of actions of tax authorities – we are happy to answer them.

Tax legislation in our country is replenished with new amendments, additions and changes. Often, taxpayers and tax authorities treat them differently. It is possible to avoid illegal actions and omissions on the part of tax authorities providing addressing to professionals.

  • 17.04.20

    Верховный суд России напомнил – долги компании не взыскиваются с руководителя безусловно

    В деле № 41-КГ 19-46 (Определение Верховного суда от 24 февраля 2020 года) Верховный суд напомнил, что именно налогоплательщик – организация (Должник) отвечает за уплату налогов и сборов в бюджет. Привлечение к ответственности иных лиц допускается только в случаях, предусмотренных законом, и не может быть общим правилом. В частности ВС сослался на правовую позицию Конституционного суда от 8 […]

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    Конституционный суд принудительно освободил кредиторов от залога

    В Постановлении Конституционного суда России от 15 апреля 2020 года № 18-П указано, что к отношениям с участием залогодателя – третьего лица правило статьи 367 ГК Российской Федерации должно применяться на основе исследования фактических обстоятельств с учетом смысла, придаваемого ему в судебной практике, имея в виду, что срок предъявления требования к поручителю не является сроком […]

  • 15.04.20

    Борис Титов: Банки не дают кредиты на зарплату

    15 апреля Борис Титов, уполномоченный по защите прав предпринимателей, заявил, что в 83% случаев банки отказывают в выдаче кредита под 0% на выплату зарплаты сотрудникам. Об этом говорят данные «контрольной закупки», в которой участвовали 158 бизнесменов из 29 российских регионов, передаёт РБК. Они обратились в 14 банков за кредитом на выдачу зарплат. Ранее правительство запустило […]

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