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Is our long-standing partner. Since 2005, we provide full legal support of economic activities in the territory of the Russian Federation. As a part of our relationship, we performed both consulting support and legal representation on taxation, disputes arising out of civil relations. Since mid-2014, we implement a joint project to collect funds from the company Debtors, by submitting of their bankruptcy petition. It must be recognized that the implementation of such a project gains traction. If previously individual debtors did not hurry to fulfill the obligation to pay, now the payment comes prior to consideration of the bankruptcy petition.

The history of relationship with the company refers to the period of 2003 – 2005. In the process of interaction, we carry out representation of the company mainly in the sphere of tax relations. Almost all significant cases have been reviewed in favor of the company. After 2005, our cooperation has been terminated in connection with the change of ownership of the enterprise. Unfortunately, it happens in life that the new owner is working with companies that he knows well. Our cooperation will remain forever in our hearts.

Our long-time legal partner. As is well know, we are engaged in tax consulting and support of bankruptcy proceedings. But it happens quite often that some issues need to be addressed to those professionals who are experts in the relevant field. Greenwich company is that reliable partner you can trust to.

We cooperated with this company in the distant 2003, with structural companies of TNK, OJSC. Nizhnevartovsk refinery union, LLC and TNK Nyagan, OJSC were the services clients. Unfortunately, the partnership was short-lived, but very productive, and came to perform a certain amount of project work in the field of contesting the tax authorities’ decisions on charge of additional taxes, penalties and fines. We have carried out our work successfully, and at that time, it was a great school for us.

SAVVA Company is a holding group with various commercial areas.
The history of relationship begins in 2005 and lasts to the present time. During this period, many projects in the field of tax consulting and support of bankruptcy proceedings have been positively implemented.

Cheboksary jersey is also a long-time partner. The efforts of our employees have helped to challenge the decisions and actions of tax authorities. Cases were complicated, interesting and finished completely positively.

Nice to know that such a company benefited from our services. Projects were complex and interesting. We hope for further cooperation.

We are bound by long-term relationships with the Vitro Village company, which originated in 2008. The company is a holder of municipal assets and provides services in the field of housing – communal services. During our cooperation, we have provided a variety of legal services. We are particularly proud that we have been able, through the use of tax incentives, to significantly optimize the company taxation, in particular on property tax and land tax.

We work with Topkran company from a while ago. We provide assistance in the field of bankruptcy of one of their debtors. The Topkran company is peaceful, but the debtor is in material breach of the principles of business and there left only bankruptcy as a debt collection method. Today we look to the future with optimism.

Pro Piar and Lyubimy Gorog companies are service companies of Inteko and carried out promotional activities. Our cooperation covered issues in court representation, in tax and legal matters and their liquidation, including through bankruptcy.

Fundamentproject company specializes in the development of innovative foundations laying and their implementation in the construction of low-rise housing. We are bound by long-term and good relations. We are engaged in legal support of the company.

  • 17.04.20

    Верховный суд России напомнил – долги компании не взыскиваются с руководителя безусловно

    В деле № 41-КГ 19-46 (Определение Верховного суда от 24 февраля 2020 года) Верховный суд напомнил, что именно налогоплательщик – организация (Должник) отвечает за уплату налогов и сборов в бюджет. Привлечение к ответственности иных лиц допускается только в случаях, предусмотренных законом, и не может быть общим правилом. В частности ВС сослался на правовую позицию Конституционного суда от 8 […]

  • 16.04.20

    Конституционный суд принудительно освободил кредиторов от залога

    В Постановлении Конституционного суда России от 15 апреля 2020 года № 18-П указано, что к отношениям с участием залогодателя – третьего лица правило статьи 367 ГК Российской Федерации должно применяться на основе исследования фактических обстоятельств с учетом смысла, придаваемого ему в судебной практике, имея в виду, что срок предъявления требования к поручителю не является сроком […]

  • 15.04.20

    Борис Титов: Банки не дают кредиты на зарплату

    15 апреля Борис Титов, уполномоченный по защите прав предпринимателей, заявил, что в 83% случаев банки отказывают в выдаче кредита под 0% на выплату зарплаты сотрудникам. Об этом говорят данные «контрольной закупки», в которой участвовали 158 бизнесменов из 29 российских регионов, передаёт РБК. Они обратились в 14 банков за кредитом на выдачу зарплат. Ранее правительство запустило […]

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