Why our company

  • PROFESSIONAL COMPANY: we are a team of experienced professionals, which is able to respond to current issues and to solve various problems within our competence. Our professional success (link to “Our Practice”) and trust of clients (refer to “Clients”) serve as confirmation to this.
  • CONVENIENT COMPANY: Our clients always know the status of their cases and are confident that they are not forgotten about. Our lawyers are always attentive to the clients and their problems.
  • FINANCIAL BENEFITS: Our prices for services are consistent with work. Our clients convinced that their benefits far exceed the amount of our fees.
  • EFFECTIVE COMPANY: Our work is always focused on getting a particular result that you expect.
  • SUPPORT THROUGHOUT THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION: We provide legal services to clients in all regions of Russia. Our employees involved in the projects travel to your region.

    The Supreme Court, in its ruling of March 27, 2017, N 305-ES16-18717, expressed the legal position that for the introduction of a bankruptcy procedure,

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